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Help Colormixer Tool

You can use the Colormixer to set some Products or Fabrics to check the Colors. Also you can use the Colormixer as a Note for the Products you seen or visit.

All our Fabric Products has a small Graphic on there Infopage to show the Positions at the Colormixer. With a Click on the Position-Button you can load the current Fabric to the Colormixer. If the Colormixer is not started at this Time, it starts at the first Click with a cleared Window.

Now you can switch to another Products or Fabrics at the Shop-System and load it to another Position. So you can make a complete Set of your Patchwork Project and check your Colors. Also you can load a Fabric as a Basic Color to the Background of the Colormixer. You can load up to 10 Fabrics and a Background to the Set.

If you want to change a Color, go to the new Product at the Shop-System and load it at the Position.

If you want to order a Fabric, you can click on the Product at the Colormixer and the Infopage is loaded.

Hint: Dont close the Colormixer with the Close-Button on the Top. If you close the window complete, you lost the current work and must start with a new clear window!

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